Welcome, My Woman ! – Nizzim Hikmet

Welcome, My Woman !


Welcome, my dear wife, welcome !

You must be tired :

How can I wash your little feet ?

I have neither a silver basin nor rose water.

You must be thirsty :

I have no iced sherbet to offer you,

You must be hungry :

I cannot give you a banquet

Laid on white embroidered cloth-

My room is as poor as my country.


Welcome, my dear woman, welcome !

Soon as you stepped into my room,

The forty-year-old concrete became grass;

When you smiled

The iron bars of the window blossomed with roses;

When you wept

My hands were filled with pearls.

My cell has become as rich as my heart

As bright as liberty.

Welcome, my own, welcome, welcome !


( Nizzim Hikmet )


( Original language : Turki )

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